Supply Chain Diligence Helps Food Company Identify Synergies, Cost Savings

PE Firms
Value Creation

Service Area: Operations Diligence

Client Type: Portfolio Company

Service Provider Type: Operations Consulting Firm

Industry: Food and Beverage

The Need
Operations Diligence: Viability Assessment

A portfolio company in the food and ingredients industry needed help assessing the viability of integrating three distinct supply chains. They were looking for a supply chain diligence provider with industry expertise.

The Challenge
Consolidating Supply Chains

The client had two food platforms and was in the early stages of putting them together. They also had a third business they were considering integrating for human capital synergies. They had three distinct supply chains for various ingredients, all of which were outsourced. They needed to assess the viability of integrating them to identify potential opportunities for cost savings, operational efficiencies and a competitive advantage.

How BluWave Helped
Synergies Found in Supply Chain

BluWave presented the client with multiple industry-specific resources in less than a business day, including operations consulting firms with expertise in the food/snacking/ingredients space. The client engaged one of the recommended service providers, who conducted a thorough supply chain diligence assessment.

The service provider assessed the sustainability and scalability of the client’s three distinct supply chains, which included co-manufacturers in the US, Mexico, and Canada. They evaluated the potential synergies and opportunities for integration and identified areas of potential cost savings and operational efficiencies.

The Result
Expectations Exceeded

The supply chain diligence assessment provided the client with a clear understanding of how they could integrate their three distinct supply chains. The service provider’s deliverables and reports were high-quality and exceeded the client’s expectations. They were flexible and responsive to the client’s needs and provided valuable insights into potential opportunities for cost savings and operational efficiencies.


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