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Q1 2024 Private Equity Insights Report

Key Trends

Value Creation: 80% of Q1 2024 activity

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Value Creation activity was


of Q1 activity

Human capital accounted for


of all activity

Strategy activity increased


across Q1 due diligence

The BluWave PE Insights report is a powerful tool, crafted from the business activity initiated by dealmakers when they engage BluWave for their third-party resource needs. Our report is unique, drawing from a significant pool of top North American PE firms and thousands of due diligence and value creation projects. This makes our report a leading indicator of dealmaker sentiment and portfolio strategy.

Our report doesn't just present data, it provides valuable insights. By combining our proprietary data with relevant market trends, we offer an empirical snapshot of dealmaker behavior, both past and future. We even use this data to make our own predictions. With a history dating back to Q1 2018, we periodically compare current data with past trends and validate our predictions. Download the Q1 report today to leverage the power of BluWave PE Insights.

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In Q1, the emphasis on Value Creation reached new heights, accounting for 80% of all private equity activity within the BluWave Activity Index. As the private equity industry becomes increasingly competitive, we expect value creation activity to continue to increase over time as PE firms take action to create alpha in the face of an otherwise challenging supply–demand deal dynamic.

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Strategy up 9% YoY in diligence

In Q1 2023, Strategy resources continued to lead the BluWave Activity Index – Due Diligence, accounting for 48% of PE project demand. This consistent emphasis on strategic diligence highlighted the PE industry's ongoing need for specialized providers offering game-changing market insights to shape investment strategies.

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Technology up 40% YoY in value creation

Technology initiatives increased to 14% of Q1 2024 activities within the BluWave Activity Index – Value Creation. This uptick reflected PE firms' focus on laying the groundwork for data infrastructure for the implementation of AI tools while also seeking help implementing and configuring new systems.

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Technology activity increased


across Q1 value creation