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Q3 2023 Private Equity Insights Report



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Key Trends

Sales & Marketing 20%+ YoY

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Sales & marketing activity increased


YoY from Q3 2022 to Q3 2023

Human capital activity increased


YoY from Q3 2022 to Q3 2023

Strategy activity accounts for


of Q3 diligence projects

The BluWave PE Insights report is a powerful tool, crafted from the business activity initiated by dealmakers when they engage BluWave for their third-party resource needs. Our report is unique, drawing from a significant pool of top North American PE firms and thousands of due diligence and value creation projects. This makes our report a leading indicator of dealmaker sentiment and portfolio strategy.

Our report doesn't just present data, it provides valuable insights. By combining our proprietary data with relevant market trends, we offer an empirical snapshot of dealmaker behavior, both past and future. We even use this data to make our own predictions. With a history dating back to Q1 2018, we periodically compare current data with past trends and validate our predictions. Download the Q3 report today to leverage the power of BluWave PE Insights.

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The private equity industry appreciates that top-line growth is the most significant contributor to enterprise value creation – as was shown last quarter by the surging demand for growth strategy consultants, salesforce-effectiveness experts, pricing gurus and digital demand-generation advisors.

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Human Capital 36%+ YoY

Earlier in 2022 and 2023, Human Capital project needs were more centered around bringing in “war-time generals” who could help private equity portfolio companies navigate challenging times.

While the need for ”generals” persists in certain situations, BluWave saw a noteworthy move toward more strategic, growth-oriented business leaders in Q3. This shift coincides with the outlook for an improving macroeconomic environment.

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Strategy is 50%+ of Due Diligence

In Q3 2023, Strategy resources dominated the BluWave Activity Index – Due Diligence, accounting for 51% of PE project demand, a significant rise from 41% in Q3 2022. This surge underscored the importance of strategic diligence, a staple in the PE industry. As deals gained momentum, PE firms invested heavily in specialized providers, seeking in-depth, cycle-spanning market insights to inform their future strategies.

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