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Stronger Office of the CFO

How to Create a 

With year-end, taxes, and audits on the horizon, discover why now is the pivotal moment to enhance your financial processes.

Timely Insights

Gain valuable insights into the Business Process Lifecycle (BPLC) and how it serves as the foundation for a controlled and efficient business process environment.

Expert Guidance

Learn about the simplicity and power of SIPOC for process documentation and how it can identify opportunities for improvement and eliminate process waste.

Practical Tools

Understand the symbiotic nature of the BPLC and how it integrates with process taxonomy to drive clarity and efficiency across all levels of your organization.



What You'll Discover:

  • The importance of a detailed BPLC and finding the right balance for your organization.
  • How to leverage process taxonomy to understand and optimize every function within your team.
  • The role of SIPOC in streamlining your processes and addressing audit-related Corrective Action Plans (CAPs).
  • Techniques for root cause analysis to address and rectify process failures.

In the ever-evolving landscape of finance and accounting, the end of Q2 marks a critical time for preparation and strategic planning. Join us for an exclusive webinar led by Justin Scott, BluWave's VP of Finance and Accounting, as we delve into the essential steps and strategies to strengthen your office of the CFO.

Gear up for an engaging session to take your finance processes to the next level.

Meet the Speaker

Justin Scott

VP, Finance & Accounting


CFOs, finance directors, accounting managers, and any finance professionals looking to enhance their department’s efficiency and strategic impact.

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