Due Diligence

Don’t fly blindly when you’re investing large sums in competitive markets. BluWave’s proprietary networks and communities put you in touch with private equity-grade due diligence professionals who can help you investigate targets with confidence.

Our proprietary, vetted network includes due diligence groups and consulting resources that have been tested against the rigors of private equity time and time again, and they are more than prepared to make the unknown known to help you ensure the rewards are high on your next investment.

It’s difficult and expensive for your firm to pursue exhaustive due diligence. Leverage our network's capabilities to perform the due diligence you need quickly.

Due Diligence Business Solutions

Market Studies

Unearth essential information such as the size of the market, its growth rate, the target’s market share, and how your potential investment compares to the competition. We’ll connect you with market study groups that bring private equity experience and the specific industry experience that fits your needs and specifications.

HR Due Diligence

People matter now more than ever before.  Don't just do a cursory review of on-line employee review sites. Conduct diligence to know the health of your organization (and cost of an unhealthy one), your target's compliance with ever-changing HR regs, and understand if patterns of bad actions may be occurring that may or may not show up in your disclosure schedules.

Senior Advisors

Hard-earned industry knowledge is second to none: BluWave connects you with senior advisors also known as industry "river guides" from your target industry who can provide the insights that can only be gleaned after spending years in the trenches. When investing in a new sector, team up with a “river guide” who knows the value of every data point and provides industry-specific insights so you’re never left guessing. When you do the deal, you can also plug them in as value added board members.

Digital Marketing Due Diligence

All B2B and B2C companies should be using digital marketing companies to help drive growth. Few use digital marketing well. Take advantage of our digital marketing experts’ skills and experience to find out how possible future investments are utilizing (or should be utilizing) modern digital marketing solutions to intelligently lift revenues, how they compare to their competitors, and what risks and opportunities might exist for your target.

Accounting & Tax Due Diligence

Trust, but verify. The first two words of GAAP are “Generally Accepted.”  When large sums of money are at stake, odds are that your target is edging up against or past the bumpers of acceptable accounting and tax practices.  Bring in an expert group to assess the quality of earnings (QofE) and compliance with taxes so you don’t get surprised after your wire clears. You can get great results without spending a lot of money on branding and costs associated with your consultant’s own internal compliance requirements.

Operational Analysis

Perform operational performance improvement diligence before you buy so you can understand potential savings (or expenses) that aren’t likely in the seller’s information memorandum. These identified savings or expenses will inform your bid and help you more confidently compete in today’s robust merger and acquisition sale processes.

Voice of the Customer

When evaluating a target company, gain critical insights into new customer opportunities and learn how to shore up the existing customer base with voice of the customer market research. Don’t try to do customer calls yourself—when you do them, they’re just about as predictive as reference calls. We’ll connect you with the best-fit marketing consulting firms who will pull actionable insights as you dive into due diligence for potential target companies.

Legal & Compliance Due Diligence

It’s imperative that you know what risks and liabilities you may encounter before making a new investment. BluWave’s private equity-tested legal and compliance due diligence groups build a picture of agreements, permits, licenses, authorizations, and correspondence related to legal and compliance matters within a target company to give you confidence and peace of mind.  Think of these resources as another high ROI insurance policy in your quiver.

Sales & Marketing Due Diligence

In today’s competitive market, you need to be confident that you can meaningfully grow your top line. Your target’s sales and marketing group is going to be tasked with what is arguably the top lever in your value creation plan. Assess your target’s sales and marketing organizational structure to understand if they will be up for the job. We put you in touch with expert sales and marketing due diligence groups who will be able to cleverly evaluate existing sales and marketing structures and uncover the potential for improvement should you decide to invest.

IT & Software Due Diligence

IT and software systems are now at the heart of virtually every business.  You can no longer get away with just making sure your targets have proof of paid licenses and a data recovery policy. You need a group that can also look at the stability and scalability of software resources, vet cloud infrastructure, and make sure your target is not or will not be victim to cybersecurity breaches. BluWave knows the groups that are positioned to protect you during the next 10 years versus those that are geared for the last 10 years.

Insurance Due Diligence

You get what you pay for. Free due diligence likely comes at a cost that you will not be able to understand. If the cost becomes clear to you, you will likely be astounded. Use a group that will not only help you understand insurance risk but also competitively broker the insurance to both maximize peace of mind and minimize go-forward expense. BluWave works with the select groups that will do both for you. 

Management Team Assessments

Business would be easy if it weren’t for people! With valuations today, you can’t afford to make an unexpected mid-stream change with key managers.  Quality leadership is essential to driving growth in any industry. Add management team assessments to your arsenal of critical due diligence tools. BluWave’s top groups will help you determine the clear keepers, those who likely won’t be able to make the journey, and what’s needed to equip the vast majority of managers who reside in between with the skills and resources needed to succeed during the next three to six years.

Don't See What You Need?

BluWave has a dedicated staff of research specialists who utilize the private equity approach of defining markets, mapping competitive landscapes, and assessing relative strengths and weaknesses to identify best-in-class resources for its customers' niche needs. We do custom searches every day for our private equity clients, and we’re very skilled at it. Let us expertly identify, vet, and connect you with the right resource.

Case Studies

Technology Diligence

Business Issue:

A private equity fund was in the process of buying a software company that was evolving from on-premise software to SaaS. A thorough evaluation of the software and development team was crucial. They had previously used generalist IT due diligence advisors but found that they weren’t rigorous or specialized enough to understand the nuances of software businesses. Rather than risking poor due diligence in the acquisition process, they asked BluWave to support them to ensure a smart investment.

BluWave Approach:

BluWave understood the importance of connecting this fund with a group that not only deeply understood how to assess the technology posture of a software company but was also able to meet the unique rigors, standards, and timelines of the private equity market. BluWave connected them with a firm in its network that was not only solely focused on software but was also composed of former software developers and exclusively focused on private equity.

Client Benefit / ROI:  

The private equity fund received a deeper understanding of the challenge and opportunities facing the software company target. They were able to validate their valuation perspective and inform their 100-day plan for post-closing value creation. The PE fund has since made the group their go-to resource for assessing software businesses.

Performing Due Diligence to Inform Investments

Business Issue:

A PE fund was informed that it was selected as the exclusive party to complete confirmatory diligence and acquire a private business. The fund was a given a very short time to perform operational diligence across eight domestic and international locations.

BluWave Approach:

BluWave scoped the need with the PE fund on Friday afternoon. On Monday morning, BluWave had a top operational performance improvement consultancy and infrastructure specialists with direct industry experience ready to commence due diligence across the company's eight locations.  

Client Benefit/ROI: 

The PE fund was connected with a top relevant group that was previously unknown to them. BluWave leveraged its volume in the industry to work with the consultancy to be available and quickly complete its work on very short notice, and the PE fund was able to focus on other pressing confirmatory due diligence needs. The consultancy identified more than $5M of value creation opportunities, and as a result, the private equity fund was able to quickly and confidently complete its due diligence and make the investment in an exciting new platform company.

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