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BluWave’s information intelligence platform and services are designed to help your private equity group or proactively-managed independent business find due diligence and value creation resources during any stage of growth. As part of our service, we connect you with excellent consultants, advisers, and service providers that can perform due diligence, guide your financial planning and operations, and identify opportunities for your company to grow in value. We save you time and money by shortlisting the best pre-vetted experts for your business.

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It’s difficult and prohibitively expensive for you to internally build and support world-class capabilities across the entire organization.

Corporate Finance Solutions


It's important to trust, but verify, when it comes to financial results.  The big firms are not necessarily better and they often aren't right for the size, scale, or budget of your companies.  Let BluWave connect you with an accounting firm that will give you and your stakeholders confidence in your results.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting is a highly specialized field, and it can be challenging to find an accountant with the skill set to dig deep into your numbers. BluWave leverages its proprietary network to match you with trusted forensic accountants who are appropriate for the toughest exercises.

M&A Diligence/Quality of Earnings

A company’s internal financials and third party audits don't always tell the whole story. Work with a financial due diligence firm that can expertly perform a deep dive into a target company to evaluate the quality of reported earnings. Make more informed investment decisions with BluWave’s help.

Tax Services

Whether your group needs an expert to evaluate tax compliance risks or assistance with advanced tax planning, BluWave has the solution. Connect with tax resources that can provide financial consulting services at the operating company or fund level.

Valuation/Impairment Testing

Gain an accurate understanding of your balance sheet with the help of a financial expert in BluWave’s network. We can connect you with financial consultants in your target’s industry who can provide sector-specific valuation insights.

Opening Balance Sheet

Ensure your company’s opening balance sheet is appropriately allocated after an acquisition is made. BluWave can connect you with financial consulting service providers to calculate your opening balance sheet and free up your resources to focus on the rest of your 100-day plan.

Financial Modeling and Analysis

Make better investment and management decisions with the help of an experienced financial analyst. BluWave will connect you with boutique consulting firms and independent consultants who can expertly build financial models and analyses and give leverage to your organization. 

Accounting Services

If you have a business with an undeveloped accounting department, use a top accounting services group in BluWave's proprietary network to jump-start this critical functional need.  BluWave can connect you with a private equity-tested group to deliver accelerated insights. 

Interim Executives

Don’t wait for your full-time hire to be made to drive growth and development. Let BluWave connect you with a custom fit interim CFO or controller to jump-start your growth and development needs.

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Temporary Staffing

Whether due to turnover or seasonal fluctuation, temporary staffing is sometimes necessary to keep your company on target. BluWave can quickly provide you with experienced temporary finance professionals from temporary controllers to accounting clerks.

Executive Recruiting

You shouldn’t be using a bulge bracket firm for your executive recruiting needs. You’ll get a better result with a PE-tested boutique, where the partner does the work. BluWave can connect you with the right firm that has focused CFO or controller functional roles and industry expertise.

Due Diligence

Don’t fly blindly when investing large sums in this competitive market. BluWave knows the best private equity-tested due diligence groups that have the functional skills and industry experience you need and can work within the budget you have. Whether you need a tenured industry expert or a targeted boutique consultancy, we’ll calibrate the best fit for your initiative.

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Don’t See What You Need?

BluWave has a dedicated staff of research specialists who utilize the private equity approach of defining markets, mapping competitive landscapes, and assessing relative strengths and weaknesses to identify best-in-class resources for its customers' niche needs. We do custom searches every day for our private equity clients and we’re very skilled at it. Let us expertly identify, vet, and connect you with the right resource. 

Case Study

Assessing Opportunities for Improvement with the Right
Financial Consulting Firm

Business Issue:

A healthcare-focused private equity fund had a niche healthcare services portfolio company that was operating below full potential and not receiving adequate insights from its finance group. Without these insights, the fund was unable to assess their company’s current performance and areas of opportunity.

BluWave Approach:

BluWave leveraged its network to quickly identify and pre-vet a leading boutique consultancy that specializes in the specific sector that the portfolio company operates in. The management team negotiated an initial contract and began working with the provider shortly after our introduction.

Client Benefit/ROI:  

BluWave connected its client with a top financial consulting firm that had been previously unknown to the PE group, saving at least 20 hours of internal searching, reference checking, and evaluation of capabilities and getting better results for the company.

Standing Up a New Accounting Function

Business Issue:

A leading private equity fund was carving out a software business that was being sold without any finance or accounting resources.  The PE fund needed to quickly establish accounting capabilities to provide financial insights to the private equity investors and management team and fulfill financial reporting requirements for lenders.

BluWave Approach:

BluWave assessed the situation and needs with the private equity fund.  BluWave provided multiple options to quickly stand up a new accounting function, including (i) placing an seasoned interim CFO and specialized staffing resources to stand up the new accounting department along with focused finance function recruiters to bring in a permanent team and (ii) bringing in an accounting services group that would serve as an outsourced dedicated department for the company and quickly provide sophisticated financial capabilities to the stakeholders.  The PE fund assessed the situation and decided that the outsourced accounting services options provided the best combination of speed, value, and operational intelligence.

Client Benefit/ROI:  

BluWave provided a range of vetted PE-tested options to the client, including an option that the PE fund didn’t know was a possibility at the time.  The PE fund and management team were able to quickly establish sophisticated capabilities and focus on other critical items in their 100 day plan.

Here's How We Help

Find the Right

Finance Experts for Your Business

You can’t afford to waste time evaluating the lengthy lists of unknown service providers that show up in a search engine or through referrals from acquaintances with limited experiences. You probably also don't have the bandwidth to hold service providers accountable. BluWave connects you with the the right corporate finance and accounting resources from our proprietary, private equity-tested network based on your specific industry, functional, and budgetary requirements. In many cases, we're introducing you to solutions that you didn't know even existed or were the right tool for the job.

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