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As your organization grows, you must ensure you have the right HR processes in place to attract and maintain talent. BluWave connects investors, private equity-backed companies, and proactively-managed independent businesses with leading HR advisors who optimize organizational structures, identify existing gaps, and devise plans to move the organization and its team forward.

BluWave saves businesses the time and resources normally required to find the right HR  advisor. Our team will help match you with pre-vetted HR experts who have experience with the challenges you're facing in your industry. Our HR advisory service providers are available on-demand, allowing you to minimize your execution time and implement cost-effective solutions when you need them most.

It’s difficult and prohibitively expensive for you to internally build and support world-class capabilities across the entire organization.

Human Resources Solutions

Compensation Plans and Benefits

Developing the right compensation package is essential to attracting and retaining skilled employees. BluWave can introduce you to a top HR advisor with experience in developing competitive compensation and benefit plans for your industry.

Healthcare Insurance Brokers

BluWave’s network includes top insurance professionals who can help your organization evaluate and enroll in healthcare plans that are appropriately sized, scaled, and configured for your business.

Hiring Assessment Advisors

Identifying potential hires who are a strong fit for your organizational needs can drive growth and save you critical time and money on training and turnover. BluWave can connect you with top human capital assessment firms that will help you understand your teams and identify the best candidates to drive growth and development.

Leadership Coaching

Tom Brady has all sorts of coaches. Shouldn't your team have the same support as a champion? Whether you’re bringing in a new leadership team or working with a portfolio company’s existing leaders, coaching from an HR advisory services firm can help executives become more effective, communicate more clearly, prepare for sale, and gain a competitive advantage.

Boutique and Specialty Executive Recruiters

It can be challenging and time-consuming to find an executive recruiting firm that meets your needs and budget. The bulge brackets often are not the right tools for the job. BluWave can get you better results and free your time by identifying a private equity-tested boutique executive recruiting firm with expertise in your industry. 

HR Management/PEO

HR/Benefit outsourcing through a professional employer organization (PEO) can provide world-class healthcare and HR resources and lower relative costs for smaller businesses. BluWave can connect you with a trusted PEO to handle your administrative HR tasks, ensure you’re meeting employee regulations, and grant you access to large company benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Interim Staffing

BluWave’s on-demand services model allows you to work with interim staff and interim executives when you need them in advance of, or in place of, a full-time hire. With on-demand staffing, your organization can stay agile and reduce expenses.

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Due Diligence

Don’t fly blindly when investing large sums in this competitive market. BluWave knows the best private equity-tested due diligence groups that have the functional skills and industry experience you need and can work within the budget you have. Whether you need a tenured industry expert or a targeted boutique consultancy, we’ll calibrate the best fit for your initiative.

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Don’t See What You Need?

BluWave has a dedicated staff of research specialists who utilize the private equity approach of defining markets, mapping competitive landscapes, and assessing relative strengths and weaknesses to identify best-in-class resources for its customers' niche needs. We do custom searches every day for our private equity clients and we’re very skilled at it. Let us expertly identify, vet, and connect you with the right resource. 

Case Studies

Navigating Compensation Structures in a Changing Environment

Business Issue:

An operating company was in the process of changing its go-to-market approach and was unsure how to evolve its compensation plan for its sales team to drive sales in the new operating environment.

BluWave Approach:

BluWave connected the leadership team with a leading pre-vetted boutique compensation advisory firm led by a professional who spent his career managing the compensation practice of a leading up-market consultancy. They deliver world-class insights and results at a cost that is appropriate for middle-market budgets.

Client Benefit/ROI:  

BluWave identified a similarly skilled up-market alternative, but a much more appropriately-priced HR advisor to help manage incentives during a critical period in the company’s growth and development. The PE firm professionals also freed up countless hours while the BluWave team leveraged its network to efficiently connect them to a better resource.

Building HR Processes to Address Post-Merger Growing Pains

Business Issue:

A mid-sized company had recently acquired several of its smaller counterparts, but the lack of consistent HR processes across these companies was hurting its ability to manage the firm effectively.

BluWave Approach:

BluWave connected this client with a boutique HR advisory services firm that specialized in building and implementing custom HR management processes for middle market companies during and after mergers and acquisitions.

Client Benefit/ROI: 

The company knew that inconsistencies existed but didn’t have the network or capacity to identify resources to resolve these unique issues on their own. BluWave was able to save the company valuable time to focus on more pressing aspects of merger integration and move forward with their value creation plan with more speed and certainty.

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Outsourcing HR to the

Experts in BluWave’s Network

You can’t afford to waste time evaluating the lengthy lists of unknown service providers that show up in a search engine or through referrals from acquaintances with limited experiences. You probably also don't have the bandwidth to hold service providers accountable. BluWave connects you with the the right HR resources from our proprietary, private equity-tested network based on your specific industry, functional, and budgetary requirements. In many cases, we're introducing you to solutions that you didn't know even existed or were the right tool for the job.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can benefit from our consultative process that connects you with custom fit, best-in-class resources from the BluWave network.

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