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As a private equity investor, your most important jobs are to select the right investments and build value after investments are made.  However, all too often the cobbler’s kids have no shoes. 

The most progressive funds are treating the business of private equity like their own portfolio companies.  These groups are using specialized staff, technology, and variable resources to accelerate their own growth, development, and investment returns in profound ways. 

However, it’s hard to know who is good, or as soon as you like them they change or aren’t available, and as a single fund it’s hard to hold third parties accountable.  BluWave has vetted, best-in-class, and private equity-tested experts who can answer the call for highly specialized consulting, technology tools, and other resources to support private equity group operations.

It’s difficult and prohibitively expensive for your firm and your portfolio companies to internally build and support world-class capabilities across the entire organization.

Private Equity Operations Solutions


Free up your team’s scarce resources and get better results by leveraging technology. There is a whole universe of PE-focused tools that will make your operations run more effectively, including CRM and marketing automation software, portfolio company reporting solutions, human capital management, and PE operations and strategic planning tools.

Digital Marketing for PE

Run your business like one of your businesses. The PE landscape is a greenfield of opportunity for PE companies that are progressive in their thinking. There are only so many hands that you can shake during the course of a year. Regularly reach 1,000s of intermediaries, business owners, and other influencers at the click of a button. BluWave knows the groups who understand private equity.

100 Day Plan Support

PE funds come up with a differential strategy, use this to inform and prevail in an acquisition process, and then get bogged down out of the gates with the minutiae of the 100-day plan. Rent part of a boutique or 100% of an independent consultant hailing from a top PE ops improvement consulting firm to drive tactics that are important but not the best use of your internal teams’ scarce and expensive time - reporting, KPIs/dashboarding, 13-week cash flow forecasting, ad hoc onboarding analyses, etc. BluWave can help you get out of the gates better and faster.

Group Purchasing Organizations

The healthcare industry figured out this tool years ago and it’s now making its way to the rest of the economy. Leverage the purchasing power of 1,000s of companies to drive down costs. Use a GPO to take out cost in your own indirect spend (telco/data, travel, office supplies, MRO, etc.). Free up money to invest elsewhere in your management company. BluWave knows the best groups that can help your portfolio companies and your management company.

Human Capital Assessment & Development Resources

As you know, resumes, interviews, and references are not very predictive of future performance. Treat your own operations like your portfolio companies and use the best-in- class tools that will help you select the right candidates for your firm. Moreover, most PE professionals have not been trained to manage people during their precursor careers. The greatest athletes of all time have multiple coaches: invest in a coach for your next generation of leaders to help build and grow a highly performing team.

Private Equity Compliance Advisors

Complying with SEC regulations is critically important to not only your current fund, but also your next fundraise. You can’t afford a foot fault. Your attorneys are likely too expensive to use on a day-to-day basis, and your CFO likely can’t keep up with everything s/he needs to know in addition to all their other responsibilities. BluWave can connect you with top, private equity-focused compliance advisors who are affordable, practical, and will confidently support your continued compliance.

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)

Most private equity funds are now expected by LPs and other stakeholders to have ESG policies in place and in action. When properly implemented, ESG can bring both a thoughtful approach to investing and a real economic and risk mitigation value add. BluWave knows the groups that will help you keep your stakeholders happy and add economic value at the same time.

Temporary Staffing

Whether due to turnover, seasonal fluctuations, or proactive divisions of labor, temporary staffing is sometimes optimal to keep your internal operations running at full potential. BluWave can quickly provide you with experienced PE-focused temporary and/or partial team members.

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Your time is scarce and people are your most important resource. Don’t limit yourself to your own network when trying to find the right investment professionals, operating partners, and administrative personnel. Use a recruiting firm that already knows the private equity market, understands your approach, and can quickly line up the select candidates you need so you can get back to your multiple day jobs and strategically pursue opportunities.

Due Diligence

Don’t fly blindly when investing large sums in this competitive market. BluWave knows the best private equity-tested due diligence groups that have the functional skills and industry experience you need and can work within the budget you have. Whether you need a tenured industry expert or a targeted boutique consultancy, we’ll calibrate the best fit for your initiative.

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Don’t See What You Need?

BluWave has a dedicated staff of research specialists who utilize the private equity approach of defining markets, mapping competitive landscapes, and assessing relative strengths and weaknesses to identify best-in-class resources for its customers' niche needs. We do custom searches every day for our private equity clients and we’re very skilled at it. Let us expertly identify, vet, and connect you with the right resource. 

Case Studies

Private Equity Fund Digital Marketing

Business Issue:

A private equity fund was interested in improving their digital marketing activities. They were working with an agency that did not understand private equity and, as a consequence, were wasting significant time re-writing the content they hired their agency to produce.

BluWave Approach:

BluWave held a scoping call to understand the PE fund’s functional needs, the industry areas in which the fund was investing, and their budget. BluWave connected the fund with a top agency that understood private equity and their investment areas of focus.

Client Benefit / ROI:  

The private equity fund was able to enhance their brand and messaging, broaden the awareness of their investment activities, and free up their professionals to focus on more strategic activities.

Private Equity Fund Technology

Business Issue:

A middle market private equity fund was looking to enhance the productivity of their staff by leveraging technology.  They were aware of some of their options but didn’t understand potential alternatives and related fit points for their particular fund approach. 

BluWave Approach:

BluWave held a scoping call to understand their needs, budget, and use cases.  BluWave provided a range of options for CRM and portfolio company reporting tools.  BluWave made the fund aware of a new tool that was superior to existing offerings, which was ultimately adopted by the PE Fund.

Client Benefit/ROI: 

The PE fund efficiently learned about new best-in-class offerings, adopted a higher ROI tool that was previously unknown, and the investment professional was able to re-focus on more pressing and value-added responsibilities.

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Private Equity Operations Solutions

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