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Is your portfolio company or independent business failing to reach its growth potential? BluWave can help you improve your salesforce effectiveness, refine your marketing strategy, and grow your company’s revenue by connecting you with seasoned sales and marketing consultants.

You shouldn’t waste your scarce and valuable time researching and vetting a long list of vendors and still get sub-par outcomes. Our team will work to understand your needs and match you with top sales and marketing consulting firms that are private equity-tested and have proven successes in your industry. Our proprietary network of leading experts will act as an extension of your team, guiding your sales and marketing efforts so that your leaders can concentrate on their core competencies.

It’s difficult and prohibitively expensive for you to internally build and support world-class capabilities across the entire organization.

Sales & Marketing Solutions

Sales Effectiveness & Channel Strategy

Don't try to recreate the wheel when others have devised and built it time and again.  We can introduce you to top salesforce effectiveness and channel strategy consultants who will help structure your sales teams and market channels for success and devise the most effective sales strategies for your company.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can and should be used by all B2B and B2C companies. The tools are developed and the price points have declined such that they are actionable and effective for virtually every company. BluWave knows the best agencies for your size, business model, and industry.

CRM / Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is becoming necessary to keep up with competitors and deliver targeted messaging, but it can also be time-consuming and challenging to structure and implement. BluWave’s vetted experts can plan and execute a CRM and marketing automation strategy, which helps your leaders harness your data and extend your sales and marketing teams' reach. 

Demand Generation

Your company needs a steady stream of leads to grow. BluWave works with top service providers who have lead generation expertise in your industry and understand how to overcome the growth challenges your company may be experiencing.

Pricing Strategy

When your company is bringing a new product to market or has opportunities to segment customers, we can connect you to a pricing advisory service provider who can help you price the product right from the start, dropping profitability straight to the bottom line.

Voice of the Customer

Whether you’re evaluating a target company or looking for ways to create value in your company, market research into the voice of the customer can provide critical insights regarding new customer opportunities and shoring up your existing customer base — and BluWave can connect you with the match-fit marketing consulting firms to drive actionable insights.

Customer Support & Call Centers

Customer support specialists help to convert revenue, assist with problems, and alleviate customer dissatisfaction while also managing a brand’s reputation. BluWave works with the leading call center and customer support experts who can assess operations, drive improvement, and serve as an extension of your company’s internal team.

Communications and Collateral

Deliver the right messaging to your target audience with the help of marketing and communications professionals who understand your company’s industry.

Website Development

Your company’s website is the online face of the business, and it’s not the place to cut corners. BluWave’s professional network of web developers can help your portfolio company launch or redesign a website that is optimized for search (SEO) and delivers a powerful user experience.

Interim Executives

Don’t wait for your full-time hire to be made to drive growth and development. Let BluWave connect you with a custom-fit interim sales or marketing executive to jump-start your growth and development needs.

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Temporary Staffing

Whether due to turnover or seasonal fluctuations, temporary staffing is sometimes necessary to keep your company on target. BluWave can quickly provide you with  experienced temporary sales and marketing team members.

Executive Recruiting

You shouldn’t be using a bulge bracket firm for your executive recruiting needs. You’ll get a better result with a PE-tested boutique, where the partner does the work. BluWave can connect you with the right firm that has focused sales and marketing functional role and industry expertise.

Due Diligence

Don’t fly blindly when investing large sums in this competitive market. BluWave knows the best private equity-tested due diligence groups that have the functional skills and industry experience you need and can work within the budget you have. Whether you need a tenured industry expert or a targeted boutique consultancy, we’ll calibrate the best fit for your initiative.

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Don’t See What You Need?

BluWave has a dedicated staff of research specialists who utilize the private equity approach of defining markets, mapping competitive landscapes, and assessing relative strengths and weaknesses to identify best-in-class resources for its customers' niche needs. We do custom searches every day for our private equity clients and we’re very skilled at it. Let us expertly identify, vet, and connect you with the right resource. 

Case Studies

Healthcare Insights Drive Salesforce Effectiveness

Business Issue:

A private equity fund acquired a family-run business in the healthcare insurance space. The portfolio company had been successfully growing over time despite a passive sales and marketing approach, but was operating below full potential. They needed a progressive sales-effectiveness advisor that was also very familiar with the health insurance market.

BluWave Approach:

BluWave leveraged its network to connect the private equity fund with a boutique advisor led by the former head of salesforce effectiveness for one of the top five healthcare insurance companies in the United States. The firm not only brought world-class expertise, but was also priced well below the up-market competitor.

Client Benefit/ROI:  

BluWave was able to introduce an industry-specific group that delivered tremendous insights and also had the credibility to gain the trust of the management team. The PE firm professionals also freed up countless hours while the BluWave team leveraged its network to efficiently connect to a better resource.

Optimizing Wasted Digital Spend and Driving ROI

Business Issue:

A private equity fund acquired a family-owned life sciences services business that was expending substantial sums on digital marketing without cohesively being able to communicate strategy or understand ROI. The PE fund believed there was an opportunity to improve this function but wasn't confident how it could assess or execute on the opportunity.

BluWave Approach:

BluWave assessed the need and connected the portfolio company with several strong digital marketing firms from the BluWave network. The selected provider was an innovative B2B digital marketing firm that offered a diligence assessment product, a strategy offering, and the ability to execute on campaigns.

Client Benefit/ROI: 

This service provider helped the PE firm and portfolio company identify substantial opportunities to enhance revenue and ROI, and they are executing on a clear strategy and realizing significant gains. In addition, our work produced a better outcome than the PE fund could have realized using their own networks and freed up countless hours of research and evaluation time for other strategic priorities.

Jump-starting Marketing Effectiveness

Business Issue:

A client acquired a fast-growing tech company that lacked internal marketing capabilities and required help with its specific and very technical product messaging.

BluWave Approach:

After assessing the client's need, BluWave provided the client with multiple options to drive growth and development, including a group of leading former CMOs who could expertly jump-start their marketing needs. After determining that an advisor was a strong fit for the client’s needs and budget, BluWave made a quick introduction.

Client Benefit/ROI:  

The advisor was able to design a strong marketing strategy to support our client’s specific messaging needs, fast pace of growth, and a future in-house marketing team at a price point compatible with its size, business stage, and budget.

Dropping Profits to the Bottom Line Via Pricing Strategy

Business Issue:

A private equity-owned company that had previously held a strong market business in a seasonal industry saw its sales suffer for the first time due to new competitive entrants.

BluWave Approach:

BluWave assessed the situation and determined that much of the cause for decline was attributed to competitors' use of novel pricing methodologies to portray a competitively more attractive offering.  BluWave connected the company with a leading pricing strategy advisor to expertly enhance their own pricing practices.  

Client Benefit/ROI: 

The advisor quickly assessed the situation and recommended best-in-class changes to their sales model enabling the company to leverage its strong market position to counter the tactics and advance past the competitive threat.  The advisor also equipped the company to use data to make real-time changes to their pricing model to optimize results and stay ahead of competitor practices.    

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You can’t afford to waste time evaluating the lengthy lists of unknown service providers that show up in a search engine or through referrals from acquaintances with limited experiences. You probably also don't have the bandwidth to hold service providers accountable. BluWave connects you with the the right resources from our proprietary, private equity-tested network based on your specific industry, functional, and budgetary requirements. In many cases, we're introducing you to sales and marketing solutions that you didn't know even existed or were the right tool for the job.

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