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Every quarter we gather leading women in PE to discuss current industry topics and to offer intelligent women the chance to gather, share information, and decompress with one another. In our most recent event, we discussed many topics and have listed our top takeaways below.

These forums are invite-only and follow Chatham House Rules, so listed below are high-level takeaways only. Are you in private equity and interested in joining fellow leading PE professionals during our next Women in PE Forum? Please contact us at events@bluwave.net.

Managing Limited Resources

  • Everyone is trying to manage with limited resources—too few people internally to address unprecedented deal flow, budgets to support the multiple initiatives, and accessing and deploying third parties.  Our panel shared that prioritization and communication are crucial—ensuring, for example, that everyone on a meeting invite is necessary.  To prevent burnout and retain team members, ensure everyone gets a break; as we all know, Zoom fatigue is real.  Some firms are deploying thoughtful staffing systems via CRM and Talent Officers to ensure that objectivity is being applied to staffing for deals.   

COVID Protocol Across Portfolio Companies

  • COVID has also presented challenges in divining unified COVID protocol across portfolio companies.  Our panel and attendees shared that one rigid approach is unrealistic—you can start with a common set of guidelines, but be open and flexible to accommodate differences in size, geography, and comfort levels.  Give employees visibility as to the plan and be prepared to pivot as circumstances change.   

Remotely Onboarding Platform Executives

  • Many firms in attendance had acquired new platforms and have onboarded execs for these platforms remotely.  How to best do this?  Many firms have used cognitive assessments not only for their traditional use but also to adjust onboarding plans to best suit individuals—extroverts with more “face-to-face” meetings, and introverts with more self-guided work.  Many have programmed in true socialization time, so execs can interact one-on-one with at least their direct reports and have small group gatherings with other relevant cohorts.  Some firms have also arranged introductions with execs in similar roles at other portcos to facilitate Q&A that execs may not feel comfortable asking the fund directly at the outset of their tenure. 

We thoroughly enjoyed getting to gather with other leading women in PE to discuss these current industry hot topics.  Here at BluWave, we are specialized to quickly connect you with the exact-fit, pre-vetted, PE-grade service providers you need exactly when you need them.

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