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How the alternative workforce fits into the future

March 27, 2020

By: Sean Mooney

A few weeks ago, before the world seemingly imploded with the Nashville tornado and news that the coronavirus was on the move and spreading fast, BluWave was tapped for an Inc. Magazine article about how the “alternative workforce” fits into the future of work.

In retrospect, and without knowing it at the time, the insights we gave couldn’t be more true—particularly now that millions of companies have been upended and will rely on fast-moving, highly-skilled experts to help them rebuild and steer their ships in the right direction.

The three key takeaways of the article are this: We’ve entered an age of specialization, the right top-notch talent at the right time isn’t easy to come by but is absolutely necessary for growth, and harnessing the power of networks is increasingly important.

With regard to that last one (which is how we fit in) this is an important data point:

According to Deloitte, specialized talent networks “now manage over $2 billion in outsourced activity, employing hundreds of millions of people in every geography of the world.” 

And as the article states: “These numbers are only going to increase in the coming years, as the alternative workforce continues to help companies keep pace with the demands of a rapidly shifting economy.”

We believe the economy is going to fundamentally change in light of recent events to be more agile so businesses can grow anew by doing more with less. The specialized talent ecosystem is going to play a critical role in our economic resurgence.

If you have 7 minutes, the full article is definitely worth a read.

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