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Some of the most popular use cases for private equity operations teams include:

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Why ops teams use BluWave

Get the Best Resource for the Job

Use the same resources the best PE operations teams in the world are using. You’ll connect with exact-fit service providers to make the most out of the current economy.

Value Creation Expertise

Each of your unique projects deserves a tailor-made resource. We have the exact PE-grade service providers you need by industry, company type, geography and budget.

White-Glove Service

You and your team will receive a concierge-like service from start to finish. We personalize every client’s journey, from the scoping call through the successful completion of your project and beyond.

Save Time

Don’t waste time finding and vetting ineffective third parties. BluWave already knows who you need. The PE-grade resources we have on standby will free you up and get you better results so you can focus on everything else.

“The vetted group identified more than $10 million in annual savings and created more than $80 million of pro forma enterprise value.”
PE Ops Team Member

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Connect with the exact service provider you’re looking for in one business day.


Instead of sifting through hundreds of options, we will introduce you to the very best two or three.


We’re trusted by more than 500 leading private equity firms and thousands of proactive businesses.



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