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Elements of Value Scorecard Revealed

March 24, 2021

By: Kyle Johnson

What makes a what are the elements of value for a company?

Its people? Definitely.

Its products? Absolutely.

Its patents? Very likely.

But these are the obvious, high-level answers for anyone with a rudimentary understanding of how business (and the economy) works. But it’s the more nuanced elements of value that can make or break a company, particularly during vulnerable times—like an economic downturn or a barrage of new market entrants.

Whether your company is investor-backed, customer-supported, or a combination of both, investors have a significant amount of knowledge about the core elements of value for any business beyond the usual suspects. In part, this is because they are in the “business of growth”—and growth only happens when the products and services being sold have value and can hold value in their specific market.

In a recent CEOWORLD Magazine article, our founder and CEO Sean Mooney offered eight core elements of value that any company can benefit from when prioritized, based on his 20-plus years of experience in private equity. How does your company measure up?

8 core elements of value

Based on his experience, both from the investor and company founder side, he notes: “By taking the perspective of outside investors, business leaders will identify more opportunities, reduce the risk profile of their company, and drive accelerated value creation over time.”

Check out the full article in CEOWORLD Magazine for details on each core element of value.