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BluWave Team Interviews | Evan Garoutte, Account Manager

March 4, 2022

By: Delaney Walker

Our Business Development team diligently works to stay in touch with our current clients and walk prospects through our business model and how we can help them. We recently talked with one of our BluWave Account Managers on the BD team, Evan Garoutte, to learn more about why he chose to join BluWave and what he enjoys about being on the BD team.

What made you want to apply for BluWave and why did you ultimately decide to join the BluWave team?

BluWave stood out to me as an organization that was solving a unique problem in a very interesting space. It was clear through the interview process that BluWave had a hardworking, strong team and I wanted to be a part of it.

What’s your favorite part about our team and culture? What excites you most about BluWave?

My favorite part about our team and culture is that everyone is driven to succeed and wants us to succeed as a team. We have an amazing team of go-getters, but always maintain the idea that it’s better to win together.

How have you seen the BluWave Values of “Team, Value, Grow, Win” play out in your time here?

I see our Team value play out every day. It really takes all hands on deck to deliver a fantastic experience for our customers. Starting with our marketing department that creates awareness of BluWave, our Account Management team introduces the prospect to the platform, and then our Research and Operations team scopes and executes on the client’s need.

What excites you the most about the future of BluWave?

I think what we’re doing is really unique and it’s crazy to think about how much we’ve accomplished in a short amount of time, like making number 127 on the Inc. 5000 list this year. With our team, it feels like the sky is the limit.

Moving into your role and the Business Development function, why did you choose to go into this field and what do you find most rewarding about your job?

I chose to go into Business Development because I love talking to people and building genuine supportive relationships. My role allows me to do that every day.

When I’m on a call and a client says that they wish they knew about BluWave x-amount of time ago because we could have solved so many of their needs, it’s proof that what we’re doing is actually making a difference for our customers, and I find that incredibly rewarding.

Now for the fun stuff, what are your favorite hobbies and activities when you aren’t in the office?

I love to read and play golf. I’m also a huge sports fan – particularly soccer and football. You can check out (part of) my soccer scarf collection at my desk.

Favorite podcast?

Circling Back – a podcast about three thirty-plus guys trying to stay relevant in today’s meme culture.

And finally, what’s your favorite Nashville restaurant?

Little Hats Italian Market


If you’re interested in joining the BluWave team, be sure to check out our open positions.