Accounting Specialist in a Hurry for a PortCo

PE Firms
Due Diligence

Service Area: Accounting Services: Commercial Diligence

Client Type: Large Cap PE Firm

Service Provider Type: Accounting Specialist Firm

Industry: Financial Consulting

The Need
Commercial Diligence: Accounting Services

A large-cap private equity firm was exploring an opportunity in the Accounting Services space and needed recommendations for a market study provider and a river guide who were deeply familiar with the industry.

The Challenge
Niche Need on a Timeline

The client required a market study to gain insights into the Accounting Services industry and understand factors such as reputation, decision-making processes and key selection criteria. Additionally, they needed a river guide who could provide expertise in areas like tech enablement, broader strategy and growth companies, without a strong emphasis on CPA background. And they needed it all as soon as possible.

How BluWave Helped
Exact-Fit Accounting Specialist

BluWave promptly presented the client with multiple industry-specific resources within a short timeframe. The client engaged the recommended service provider, an accounting specialist firm, which demonstrated extensive knowledge of the space. The service provider worked closely with the client to define the scope of the project and accommodated all requests.

The Result
‘Fantastic’ Service Provider

The market study delivered valuable insights into reputation, decision-making processes, and selection criteria within the Accounting Services industry. With the expertise and knowledge of the chosen service provider, the client gained a comprehensive understanding of the industry landscape.

“The service provider is fantastic. They are extremely knowledgeable about the space and were willing and able to answer our questions throughout. Responsive, thoughtful, thorough. I would absolutely work with them again.”

-PE Firm Vice President


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