Transforming Big Data into Actionable Insights for Legal Services

PE Firms
Due Diligence

Industry: Professional Services

Service Area: Technology

Client Type: Portfolio Company – B2B Legal Services

Service Provider Type: Business Intelligence, Analytics and AI Firm

The Need
Efficient Analytics for Transaction Lode

A portfolio company in the B2B legal services sector reached out with a specific challenge. They had an Excel dataset with three tabs, each containing 1 million rows of transaction data. Their objective was to create cohort analyses and slice and dice this vast amount of information. Given Excel’s limitations, they needed a more robust solution.

The Challenge
Large Datasets and Tight Deadlines

The company, which offers online legal services to SMB customers, had recently accessed a large transaction database that was cumbersome to manage in Excel. They needed to make use of the new data trove for an upcoming project on a short timeframe. Their previous go-to firm, which used Tableau for data visualization, was unavailable for immediate assistance.

How BluWave Helped
The Right Big Data Connections, Fast

Understanding the urgency and the scale of the data challenge, BluWave tapped into its network to identify a boutique business intelligence, analytics and AI firm with the expertise to handle large datasets efficiently. The selected firm was lauded for its ability to work at “deal speed,” ensuring that projects were completed promptly without compromising on quality.

The Result
Seamless Integration, Insightful Analysis

With the expertise of the selected service provider, the portfolio company successfully integrated their vast transaction data into a more manageable and analyzable format. The firm not only set up the database for easy manipulation but also provided rigorous analysis, offering valuable insights that were highly appreciated by the company’s management team during diligence. The entire process, from initial setup to detailed analysis, was completed within the tight deadlines, ensuring the company was equipped for its key upcoming project deadline.

Their analysis was rigorous, and a company’s management team found their work to be insightful during diligence. They operate at deal speed and frequently work late at night and over weekends to ensure clients receive quality work product on time. I’d highly recommend their services.

-Vice President at PE Firm


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