Targeted Market Research for a Software Technology Company

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Industry: Technology – Software

Service Area: Voice of the Customer

Client Type: Portfolio Company – B2B Data Management

Service Provider Type: Market Research Firm

The Need
Specialized Market Research for Master Data Management

A B2B data management portfolio company sought a market research firm to conduct an in-depth survey. Their objective was to delve into market awareness, trends in Master Data Management (MDM) and the perception of various brands in the software industry. With MDM being a pivotal enterprise software tool, understanding its market positioning was paramount.

The Challenge
Quality Insights Within Budgetary Limits

Having previously approached another market research firm, the company found their offerings too costly for the intended survey. The challenge lay in identifying a service provider with profound knowledge of MDM and the capability to target specific roles such as IT, Data Architecture Management and Data Cleaning, all while staying within the budget.

How BluWave Helped
Bridging the Gap with Expert Market Research

BluWave swiftly navigated its vast network to pinpoint a market research firm that not only had a deep-rooted understanding of MDM but also boasted expertise in conducting brand-centric surveys. The chosen firm’s proficiency in targeting the desired roles ensured the survey would resonate with the right audience, making them an ideal match for the portfolio company’s requirements.

The Result
‘Good Partner’ for Great Value

With the support of the handpicked service provider, the portfolio company executed a survey that furnished them with invaluable insights into market awareness, MDM trends and brand evaluations. The research was not only enlightening but also adhered to the company’s budgetary constraints, providing optimal value.

The service provider you selected was both affordable and a good partner for our portfolio company.

-Partner at PE Firm


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