Transforming Portfolio Company Data Management with Advanced BI Dashboards

Service Area: Technology

Client Type: Large Cap Private Equity Fund

Service Provider Type: Business Intelligence Analytics Firm

Industry: Private Equity

The Need
Driving Portfolio Insights Through Advanced BI Integration, Analytics

A leading private equity firm faced the challenge of managing disparate systems across its portfolio companies, each with unique ERP, operational, sales, BI and dashboard systems. The PE firm wanted to unify these diverse data sources into a cohesive, accessible dashboard, enabling efficient analysis and management of each company’s performance metrics.

The Challenge
Harmonizing Diverse Data Systems for Cohesive Analysis

The primary obstacle was the multitude of different systems and reporting formats across the portfolio companies, making it difficult to aggregate and compare data. The firm desired a dashboard that could provide a uniform view of company metrics, despite the inherent diversity in their data management systems.

How BluWave Helped
Custom BI Dashboard Development for Enhanced Portfolio Insight

BluWave connected the private equity firm with a leading business intelligence analytics service provider skilled in creating bespoke BI solutions. The service provider created a centralized dashboard by leveraging the PE firm’s existing data infrastructure, including Power BI, and integrating it into a new proprietary data lake. This solution allowed for weekly data feeds from various systems to be unified under a single, user-friendly interface without forcing portfolio companies to abandon their existing systems.

The Result
Unified Dashboard for Real-Time Portfolio Insights

The collaboration resulted in the successful pilot implementation of an operational dashboard for a portfolio company, setting a benchmark for the rest of the group. This new dashboard facilitated real-time insights into key performance indicators (KPIs), streamlining the process of data analysis and reporting across the private equity firm’s portfolio. The firm now enjoys a holistic view of its investments, enabling quicker, more informed decision-making.

We are very happy with the service provider and we expect to have a long, mutually beneficial partnership with them.

-PE Firm Operating Partner


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