E-commerce Data Specialist To Optimize Boots Store on Amazon

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Service Area: Technology

Client Type: Upper-Middle Market PE Firm

Service Provider Type: Business Intelligence & Analytics Consultant

Industry: Retail

The Need
Optimizing Amazon Sales Strategies for a Boot Manufacturer

An upper-middle market PE firm sought a solution to enhance its boot manufacturing and distribution portfolio company’s performance on Amazon. The goal was to move beyond basic B2B sales tactics and implement advanced analytics to optimize third-party digital channels.

The Challenge
Implementing Data-Driven Strategies in E-commerce

The boot manufacturer needed to transition from traditional wholesale tactics to a more sophisticated e-commerce strategy, particularly for its Amazon sales. This required understanding and leveraging Amazon’s algorithm through data analytics, focusing on SKU optimization, pricing benchmarking and Prime tag analysis.

How BluWave Helped
Engaging an Expert in E-Commerce Analytics, Amazon Optimization

BluWave connected the client with a consultant specializing in e-commerce and Amazon marketplace strategies. The consultant’s task was to gather and analyze data, identify key performance indicators and provide actionable insights for optimizing the company’s Amazon presence.

The Result
Enhanced Digital Strategy Leading to Improved E-Commerce Performance

The consultant’s work led to significant improvements in the company’s Amazon strategy. By focusing on SKU optimization and keyword analysis, the company was able to better align its products with Amazon’s algorithm. The result was an increase in visibility and sales, along with a strategic framework that the company could use for ongoing optimization.

Reasonable price, great output. Got both education and specific to-dos. Organized well.

Actionable and insightful. Answered several questions after the fact and helped us prepare for a board meeting – above and beyond.

-Director of Portfolio Management at PE Firm


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