Manufacturing Growth through Market Insight Diligence

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Service Area: Commercial Due Diligence: Market Study

Client Type: Middle-Market Private Equity Firm

Service Provider Type: Market Research Firm

Industry: Manufacturing

The Need
Seizing Growth Potential in Heat Treating

Our middle-market private equity firm client sought to empower its portfolio company operating in industrial manufacturing. The portco was a leader in gas nitriding technology, primarily catering to the automotive, aviation and industrial sectors. The firm aimed to broaden the company’s horizons by identifying new opportunities within heat treating, especially in areas beyond gas nitriding. The goal was to expand its offering through strategic add-ons that leveraged different heat treating technologies, driving further growth and market penetration.

The firm knew it would need a world-class commercial due diligence resource to match its ambitions.

The Challenge
Navigating the Complex Industry Landscape

The private equity firm faced the challenge of exploring a highly specialized sector – heat treating technology – to identify viable add-on opportunities. The task required pinpointing key players, understanding market drivers and evaluating potential target companies that aligned with the portfolio company’s capabilities and ambitions. Budget constraints demanded resourcefulness in delivering valuable insights without compromising quality.

How BluWave Helped
Industry-Specific Research Firm To Drive Expansion

BluWave connected the private equity firm with a PE-grade resource to conduct an in-depth market study, leveraging their expertise in market research and manufacturing. They then uncovered key players, market trends and drivers within the heat treating technology sector. Leveraging their understanding of the end-use industries, including automotive and aviation, the firm identified strategic alignment opportunities.

Their familiarity with furnace manufacturing, heat treating elements and component industries enabled them to analyze competitive processes, production methods and best practices.

The Result
New Pathways to Expansion

The third party firm’s market study equipped the portfolio company with a roadmap for expansion in the heat treating sector. By identifying key players, drivers and market trends, the private equity firm gained insights into new growth avenues. The study not only laid the groundwork for strategic add-on acquisitions but also provided a broader understanding of market dynamics, fostering informed decision-making.

The portfolio company was empowered to consider new technologies and approaches, aligning its offerings with the evolving demands of the automotive, aviation and industrial sectors.


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