Financial Integration Support for Chemical Manufacturer

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Service Area: Financial Operations

Client Type: Lower-Middle Market Private Equity Firm for Portfolio Company

Service Provider Type: Financial Integration Consultant

Industry: Chemical Manufacturing

The Need
Financial Integration for Add-On Acquisitions

A chemical manufacturer operating in the specialty treatment chemicals industry sought assistance with financial integration for their add-on acquisitions. With a focus on bridging the gap in financial onboarding and consolidating reporting packages, the client needed a specialized team to provide hands-on support and help streamline their financial processes.

The Challenge
Improving Financial Systems and Reporting

The client faced challenges in their financial systems and reporting due to the use of QuickBooks and the need for scalable solutions. With add-on acquisitions and plans for growth, they required an evaluation of their current systems and the implementation of appropriate ERP and CRM systems, along with adequate security, governance and controls.

How BluWave Helped
Connecting for Accelerated Growth

BluWave connected the client with a specialized financial integration consultant that provided on-the-ground support in putting together reporting packages, consolidating financials and assisting with financial onboarding. This person was able to hit the ground running and better prepare the portco for its rollup strategy.

The Result
A Solid Foundation for Expansion

Through the assistance of the financial integration consultant, the chemical manufacturer successfully improved their systems and reporting capabilities. This set them up to move into their buy-and-build phase and begin making acquisitions. The financial consultant stayed on for some of the initial acquisitions, buying the company time to select a perfect-fit CFO.

We are grateful to be able to partner with the new team we acquired and look forward to helping them further accelerate growth.

-Portco VP of Operations


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