Strategic Buy-Side Search in Healthcare Services

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Due Diligence

Industry: Healthcare Services

Service Area: Commercial Due Diligence

Client Type: Lower-Middle Market Firm

Service Provider Type: Buy-Side Advisory Firm

The Need
Multi-Site Roll-Up Strategy in Healthcare Services

A lower-middle market private equity firm, with a successful history in executing multi-site roll-up strategies, sought to delve into the healthcare services sector. Their vision was clear: identify a healthcare practice that resonates with their investment thesis, marking the inception of a broader roll-up strategy. The ideal acquisition would be a multi-doctor practice in the Midwest, South or Southeast, boasting more than $5 million in annual net collections and an entry EBITDA above $2 million.

The Challenge
Precise Buy-Side Search

The challenge was twofold: identifying a healthcare practice that not only met the stringent financial criteria but also aligned with the firm’s strategic vision for a multi-site roll-up. The firm sought a partner who would reinvest back into the business, ensuring a synergy that would fuel the envisioned growth and expansion. The search required a nuanced understanding of the healthcare services sector, coupled with a strategic approach to identify practices that resonated with the firm’s investment thesis.

How BluWave Helped
Facilitating a Connection Tailored to Strategic Success

BluWave utilized its extensive network to connect the firm with a specialized buy-side advisory firm. This partnership was instrumental in navigating the complexities of the search, leveraging deep industry experience and a nuanced understanding of the private equity landscape. The advisory firm’s strategic approach and geographical insights were pivotal in identifying healthcare practices that aligned with the firm’s vision and investment thesis.

The Result
Poised for Transformative Growth

Through the connection facilitated by BluWave, the firm was empowered to execute a strategic buy-side search that resonated with their investment thesis. This partnership has set the stage for the identification of promising healthcare practices, ready to be woven into a transformative multi-site roll-up strategy that echoes the firm’s vision of growth and success in the healthcare services sector.


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