Revamping Market Positioning, Expanding with M&A

PE Firms
Due Diligence

Service Area: Commercial Due Diligence

Client Type: Portfolio Company

Service Provider Type: Merger & Acquisition Strategy Firm

Industry: Generalist

The Need
Reinvigorating Market Strategy and Exploring M&A Opportunities

A portfolio company sought help improving its market positioning and evaluating strategic M&A prospects within the HR SaaS sector. With a strong tech-focused approach, the firm aimed to identify adjacent markets and solidify its foothold through targeted acquisitions.

The Challenge
Navigating Complex Market Dynamics

The challenge lay in revitalizing the company’s market strategy. The client required a comprehensive analysis of their current positioning and an exploration of potential adjacent markets. Additionally, the portco sought guidance on devising a strategic M&A roadmap that aligned with their growth objectives and unlocked synergies.

How BluWave Helped
Strategic Insight and M&A Roadmap

BluWave connected the client with an M&A strategy firm well-versed in the HR SaaS industry. This partnership offered the portfolio company strategic expertise to analyze their current positioning and identify gaps. The specialized firm crafted a tailored plan for expansion into adjacent segments, including evaluating potential M&A targets. Weekly interactions with the investment team ensured alignment and effective execution of the strategy.

The Result
Empowering Informed Decision-Making

Through this collaboration, the client gained in-depth insights into their current market standing and potential growth opportunities. The M&A strategy firm’s expertise assisted the client in devising a strategic roadmap for M&A, considering tuck-in acquisitions and larger-scale ventures. This collaborative approach enabled the firm to make informed decisions, enhance its market presence and strategically leverage its investment for maximum impact.

The service provider was knowledgeable about the sector. They provided concrete action items and feedback. They also responded to feedback on the initial draft report to provide a final project in-line with expectations.

-VP at Private Equity Firm


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