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Post-Merger Integration Support Critically Needed

CFO urgently needed support with post-merger integration

The CFO of a PE-backed healthcare services company came to us with a critical need for post-merger integration support. They were in the process of integrating an add-on acquisition and urgently needed an expert to come in and manage the integration to ensure it went smoothly. They needed an expert that had integration experience within the healthcare services field, specifically the benefits market.

BluWave provided pre-vetted post-merger integration group

We first interviewed the company to understand the nuances of their needs and the unique challenges they needed this integration expert to solve. We then quickly matched these criteria to the pre-vetted groups from our invitation-only marketplace, rooted in our experience working with thousands of proactive companies. Because of our proprietary approach, we were able to connect the client with a select prevetted post-merger integration group that fit their exact needs.

Company moves forward with presented provider for excellent outcome

Within 48 hours of the initial scoping call, the company was introduced to the exact-fit match and were so pleased that they decided to quickly engage them. The proactive company was then able to confidently drive an excellent outcome without wasting time and was able to promptly execute a smooth integration thanks to the expert help.

“We were able to quickly present and introduce a boutique firm focused in merger integration that had relevant industry experience, and we were confident in their ability to deliver excellent results because our clients had engaged them multiple times with strong positive feedback.”

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