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Critical salesforce effectiveness training firm

Medical supplier has critical need to assess salesforce team and GTM strategy

A PE-backed medical supplier company came to us with a prompt need to assess their existing salesforce team and go-to-market strategy. The company’s sales team was struggling with a high turnover rate and they urgently needed to fix this, examine how to get the right team members in place, and determine how to keep them in place. They were also in need of a new GTM strategy that the salesforce could execute on once they had onboarded the right team members.

BluWave quickly identifies PE-grade providers

The company reached out to BluWave and within several hours, we interviewed them to understand the details & nuances of their need. BluWave utilizes technology, data, and human ingenuity to pre-map assess, monitor, and maintain deep pools of best-in-class salesforce effectiveness experts. Mapping the specifics of the company’s need to our marketplace of third-party resources, we identified an exact-fit salesforce effectiveness and training firm for the client.

Company moves forward with exact-fit provider

On the same day that they initially reached out, the company was introduced to the exact-fit salesforce effectiveness and training firm that we identified in our Intelligent Marketplace. The company immediately engaged the group and was able to start the project within 24 hours.

“The client reached out on a Monday in need of an assessment of their salesforce team and go-to-market strategy. We were able to connect them within hours with a consulting firm that had relevant experience. They were able to kick off the project the next day.”

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