Critical staffing & recruiting firm to hire low-level sales language supports

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Critical need for specialized recruiter for international hires

A PE firm VP came to us with a critical need for a specialized recruiter for their fintech portfolio company. As part of their growth strategy for the portco, they were gearing up to expand into more geographies, so they were in urgent need of language supports that could join their sales team. With expansion into the new markets happening later that year, the PE firm urgently needed a temporary recruiter that could hire 10-12 low-level sales individuals that had finance knowledge, fluency in foreign languages, and were located in the Chicago area.

BluWave identifies recruiter meeting firm’s exact needs

Leveraging our founder’s 20 years in private equity, we have extensive frameworks for assessing PE-grade recruiting and staffing needs. BluWave utilizes technology, data, and human ingenuity to pre-map, assess, monitor, and maintain deep pools of recruiting and staffing firms that uniquely meet the private equity standard. We interviewed the PE firm to understand their specific key criteria and then connected the client with the select pre-vetted recruiting firm from our invitation-only Intelligent Network that fit their exact needs.

Engaging the recruiting firm, the portco successfully hires staff and expands internationally

Within 24 hours of the initial scoping call, the PE firm and portfolio company were introduced to a PE-grade recruiting firm that had extensive experience in recruiting sales individuals in the fintech industry. The PE firm was able to confidently engage the recruiter and ultimately successfully hire the individuals they needed in order to have full support as they expanded their geographic reach.


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