Critical Voice of Customer Research for Add-On Acquisition


An IT staffing company came to us with a critical need for Voice of Customer research to be done on an add-on acquisition target they were evaluating. Looking to grow their company via this acquisition, they were interested in engaging a provider that could conduct interviews with 7 clients of the target add-on. The company needed a Voice of Customer provider that could work within their budget, complete the 7 interviews, and conduct the work in Toronto where the target add-on and their clients were located.


The client reached out to BluWave on a Wednesday morning and within several hours, we interviewed the company to understand the details & nuances of their need. BluWave utilizes technology, data, and human ingenuity to pre-map assess, monitor, and maintain deep pools of best-in-class Voice of Customer providers. Mapping the specifics of the company's need to our marketplace of third-party resources, we identified 2 exact-fit Voice of Customer providers for the client.


On the same day that the company initially reached out, we introduced them to the two exact-fit, pre-vetted service providers that we had identified met their exacting criteria. The client selected their ideal choice and was able to quickly engage the provider to conduct the research they needed in order to determine whether or not to move forward with the add-on acquisition.

“WIthin 24 hours of initially reaching out, we were able to scope our client's need and connect them to the exact-fit Voice of Customer provider they needed.”

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