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Cost reduction group with niche expertise crucially needed

Cost reduction group needed for leading plastics company

A leading plastics company that designed and manufactured innovative plastic-injection molded products was looking for opportunities to reduce their costs and believed potential opportunities lay within their legacy supply contracts. Given the nature of the company’s products and its specific resin grades, the company needed a group with deep expertise in this area to help them identify if this was a true area with room for improvement. The company asked us to connect them with a best-in-class cost-reduction group that has deep expertise in this industry with this specific need.

BluWave assessed company needs to identify exact-fit provider

We first interviewed the company to understand the nuances of their needs and the unique challenges involved with post-transaction efforts to reduce costs. We then quickly matched these criteria to the pre-vetted candidates from our invitation-only marketplace, rooted in our experience working with thousands of proactive companies. Based on our proprietary approach, the company hired a group of resources with the exact plastics market experience they needed.

Client engages provider to drive success within the company

Thanks to the deep industry experience that the vetted group had as well as the key relationships that they had with needed manufacturers, the group of resources identified more than $10 million in annual savings for the client and created more than $80 million of pro forma enterprise value for the company.

“The vetted group identified more than $10 million in annual savings and created more than $80 million of pro forma enterprise value.”

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