Revitalizing Private Equity Firm’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Service Area: Sales & Marketing – Digital Marketing Demand Gen

Client Type: Private Equity Firm

Service Provider Type: Brand Strategy Firm

Industry: Private Equity

The Need
Enhanced Digital Marketing for Lead Generation

Recently appointed as the director of business development at a private equity firm, the client was tasked with revamping the firm’s digital marketing strategies to boost lead generation. This included reevaluating channel strategies and developing the firm’s website to better meet the needs of modern digital marketing.

The Challenge
Outdated Website, Ineffective Marketing Partnerships

The firm’s website, built several years ago, was not performing adequately in generating leads. There was a critical need for a marketing agency that understood the unique aspects of private equity and could provide strategic, forward-thinking solutions. Additionally, the existing marketing efforts were fragmented, with social media content being managed in-house without a cohesive strategy.

How BluWave Helped
Strategic Partner Selection for Comprehensive Digital Revitalization

BluWave leveraged its extensive network to connect the private equity firm with a brand strategy firm specializing in digital marketing within the private equity sector. This partnership was focused on transforming the firm’s digital presence, starting with a thorough audit of the existing website and marketing agencies.

The Result
Revitalized Digital Presence, Streamlined Lead Generation

With the strategic input from the new brand strategy firm, the private equity firm overhauled its website to become more lead generation-focused. This included adding investor portals and real-time dashboard functionalities to enhance user engagement and functionality. The comprehensive approach not only aligned the website with the firm’s strategic goals but also positioned it to drive proprietary deals more effectively.


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