B2B LeadGen Strategy for Financial Software Company

Service Area: Sales & Marketing

Client Type: Financial Workflow Software Company

Service Provider Type: Digital Marketing Agency

Industry: Technology – Software

The Need
Enhancing Lead Generation for Market Expansion

A leading provider of intelligent document automation for the mortgage lending industry, sought to elevate its B2B lead generation efforts. With a strong engineering team but no dedicated marketing department, the company aimed to partner with a digital marketing agency that could drive lead generation and support its rapid sales team expansion.

The Challenge
Connecting with a Specialized Experts

The primary challenge was identifying a digital marketing agency with specific expertise in the mortgage lending space and a proven track record in generating leads for enterprise software sales. The company required a partner that could not only understand the nuances of selling into the mortgage industry but also adapt to the fast-paced growth stage of the company. The need for a performance-based approach to marketing, focusing on digital strategies and leveraging the company’s existing sales tools, was paramount.

How BluWave Helped
Connecting with the Ideal Agency

BluWave utilized its deep network within the sales and marketing ecosystem to identify a digital marketing agency that specialized in B2B fintech and had extensive experience working with growth-stage companies in the mortgage industry. This agency was well-versed in executing digital marketing strategies that align with the company’s goals, including PPC, content marketing and targeted lead generation campaigns.

The Result
Strategic Lead Generation and Sales Growth

Through the partnership facilitated by BluWave, the company engaged with a digital marketing agency that significantly enhanced its lead generation capabilities. The agency implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that not only aligned with the organization’s budget but also delivered sales-ready accounts at an efficient cost per lead. This strategic collaboration enabled the business to focus on its core competencies while scaling its sales efforts and positioning the company for further growth in the mortgage lending industry.


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