Ecommerce company hacked, operations shut down, critically needed support


A private equity-backed ecommerce company suffered a cyber breach shutting down all operations. They urgently needed a cybersecurity expert that could assess the situation and remediate the breach in order to restart operations. At the time of outreach, the company did not know how or why the breach occurred, or the scope of the problem, but needed to restart operations immediately to serve their customers.


The client reached out to BluWave on Friday afternoon shortly after the breach was discovered indicating their urgent need for assessment and action. BluWave has a deep network of cybersecurity specialists. We quickly interviewed the client to understand their specific needs and identified the select few cybersecurity providers that met their exacting requirements.


Within 15 minutes of scoping the client's needs, BluWave put the company in contact with a best-in-class cybersecurity firm. The cybersecurity firm immediately sprung into action and began supporting the company on the same day that the breach occurred.

“This was an amazing turnaround time from my out of the blue email, not even a phone call!”

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