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Firm needed executive recruiter to place CEO with industry expertise

Having recently invested in a sector for the first time, a PE firm came to us with an urgent need for an executive recruiter. Knowing that they needed to place an industry expert as CEO in their new power solutions portfolio company, the firm was in need of a specialized executive recruiter that had experience and deep network connections in the nuanced sector. Ultimately, the PE firm was seeking an executive recruiter that could quickly place an experienced CEO with a background in the power solutions market in their new portfolio company.

BluWave identified PE-grade executive recruiter from pre-vetted network

Leveraging our founder’s 20 years in private equity, we have extensive frameworks for assessing PE-grade executive recruiter needs. BluWave utilizes technology, data, and human ingenuity to pre-map, assess, monitor, and maintain deep pools of specialized executive recruiters across various industries that uniquely meet the private equity standard. We interviewed the PE firm to understand their specific key criteria, and then quickly connected the client with two select pre-vetted executive recruiters from our invitation-only Intelligent Network that fit their exacting needs.

Firm engaged provider and successfully recruited CEO

The PE firm selected their ideal recruiter who started sourcing candidates immediately. With their deep network connections and intimate understanding of the industry, the recruiter was able to identify exact-fit candidates faster than generalist recruiters the PE firm had previously used. The executive search firm successfully recruited a CEO for the portfolio company who had decades of experience in the power solutions industry, prior business experience as an executive within a PE-backed company, and demonstrated financial acumen in similarly-sized companies.


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