Elevating Sales Leadership in Marketing Services with Executive Search Expertise

Service Area: Human Capital

Client Type: Small Market PE Fund

Service Provider Type: Executive Search Firm – Sales

Industry: Professional Services

The Need
Sales Executive for Direct Mail, Digital Marketing Services

A PE-backed company specializing in direct mail and digital marketing services was in urgent need of a CRO/VP of Sales. This new role aimed to enhance sales management, refine strategy, build out a national team and implement systems to drive strategic change.

The Challenge
Sales Leader with Specific Marketing Services Experience

The primary challenge was to hire a candidate with a strong background in marketing and professional services who could also adapt to a remote work setup. The candidate needed to possess strategic insight, be adept at sales team oversight as well as capable of driving systemic change within the organization.

How BluWave Helped
Curated List of Specialized Firms

BluWave connected the PE fund with a short list of sales executive search firms with a deep network and proven experience in the marketing services sector. This enabled the PE firm to select a search partner capable of understanding the unique requirements of the role and industry.

The Result
Strategic Sales Leadership to Drive Organizational Change

The selected search firm embarked on a comprehensive search process, leveraging its expertise in marketing services to identify and engage candidates who met the specific criteria. This process ensured the successful placement of a CRO/VP of Sales who was not only a strategic fit for the company but also equipped to enhance its sales management practices and lead the national team expansion.


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