‘A Player’ Needed To Lead Portco’s People Operations

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Service Area: Executive Search

Client Type: Portfolio Company

Service Provider Type: Vice President of Human Resources/People Operations

Industry: Technology – Software

The Need
High-Performing Executive To Lead HR Department

A portfolio company engaged BluWave to orchestrate a targeted search for a vice president of people operations to lead a technology software company’s HR endeavors. The company’s vision to maintain high employee engagement, foster a growth-oriented culture and optimize the recruitment process necessitated a skilled HR leader.

The Challenge
Cultivating Culture and High-Performing Teams

The primary challenge was to find a VP of HR who could uphold the existing culture’s vibrancy while growing it. The candidate needed to blend strategic HR expertise with an ability to manage and integrate a dynamic culture within a growing technology company.

How BluWave Helped
Tailored Search for People-First Leadership

BluWave collaborated with the portfolio company to craft a tailored executive search strategy that aligned with the software company’s values-driven culture. This approach identified a rising star – the “A player” the company sought – capable of not only driving HR strategies but also contributing to organizational health, diversity and inclusion, and talent acquisition.

The Result
Empowering Organizational Transformation

The transformative HR leader resonated with the company’s values and growth mindset. He brought a blend of high-tech experience and a strategic yet hands-on approach. With the new leader in place, the company is poised to enhance its employee engagement, build a robust hiring system and propel its organizational excellence journey.

BluWave’s tailored approach to executive search ensured a seamless integration of an HR leader who shares the company’s vision, values and goals.


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