Culture-Oriented VP of Human Resources for Financial Services Portco

PE Firms
Human Capital
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Industry: Professional Services

Service Area: Human Capital – VP of HR

Client Type: Small-Market PE Fund

Service Provider Type: HR Executive Search Firm

The Need
Strategic HR Leader for Rapid Growth

A leading financial services company was on the lookout for a VP of HR. With a strong presence across dozens of locations, the company had been experiencing rapid growth, boasting a revenue in the tens of millions of dollars. Its unique service offering, assisting financial advisors in setting up qualified retirement plans, had set them apart in the industry. As the company expanded, however, leadership realized they needed for a strategic HR leader. This new role was envisioned to not only manage the day-to-day HR operations but also to be a culture carrier and strategic partner in the company’s growth journey.

The Challenge
Local Candidate who Understands Industry Intricacies

The search for the right VP of HR was not just about filling a role; it was about hiring someone who could seamlessly integrate into the company’s culture and ethos. The ideal candidate would have experience in the financial services sector, with a deep understanding of its intricacies. A locally based candidate would be a bonus.

The company also emphasized the importance of industry experience, especially in online lead generation and financial services. With such specific criteria, the challenge was to find a candidate who would tick all the boxes.

How BluWave Helped
Knowing Exact-Fit Providers Ahead of Time

BluWave, with its extensive network and deep understanding of the professional services industry, took on the challenge. Recognizing the unique needs of the company, BluWave presented three exact fit HR executive search firms with a track record of placing top-tier HR leaders in the financial services sector. After the initial introductions, the PE firm selected the partner that would be the best fit for its situation and could understand how to align a candidate with the company’s vision and culture.

The Result
HR Executive who Fit Perfectly within Culture

With BluWave’s assistance, the financial services company was able to identify and onboard a VP of HR who not only met its technical and industry-specific requirements but also resonated with its company culture. This strategic addition to its leadership team has positioned the company for continued success and growth, ensuring that its HR strategies are aligned with its business objectives.


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