Finding a niche expert e-commerce resource within specific budget criteria


A PE fund approached us to connect them with a specialized expert third-party resource, with extensive online retail experience. More specifically, the fund wanted expertise with Amazon and Wayfair metrics in order to understand the viability of a home furnishing e-commerce business. In under three weeks, they needed to perform a competitive analysis, gain insight into key areas of the business, understand where the company could improve, and determine whether their recent explosive growth was sustainable over the next three to five years or based only on variable market conditions.


After our initial assessment phase, we specifically vetted and introduced multiple best-in-class groups from our invitation-only Intelligent Network that had excellent e- commerce commercial diligence practices, including significant experience with Amazon, Wayfair and several other online marketplaces. The selected group had the ability to quickly complete its work and deliver PE-grade results at an attractive price level below larger, more generalist competing alternatives.


Within two days, we connected the PE fund client with our third-party resource. In turn, the fund retained the group and quickly assessed the viability of the home furnishings e-commerce business. With the due diligence performed, the fund gained a differentiated understanding of the company’s overall risk profile, opportunities for growth, and how they were positioned in the market.

“BluWave exceeded our expectations, and we were impressed with how quickly they were able to connect us with niche resources.”

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