Two of the co-founders from Bunker Hill recently shared their insights with us. See what they had to say.

First-time sector investment for the PE fund


Our PE fund client acquired a founder-owned business that provides services to niche power solutions markets. This was the fund’s first investment in the sector, and it needed deep network connections beyond its immediate purview to source a highly capable CEO with industry experience.


After an initial assessment phase, we matched the fund’s specific criteria to a series of vetted candidates from our invitation-only network, rooted in our founder’s 20 years of PE industry experience. Then we connected the fund with the two best specialized executive search firms that fit their specific needs. The firm chose a CEO with the exact industry experience it needed, who was also located near the business.


The PE fund was able to find the right candidate more quickly than when it used generalist search firms. The executive search firm we provided immediately recruited a CEO with decades of experience in the power solutions industry. Beyond his specialized experience, he previously served as an executive in a PE-backed company. He also had board experience and has demonstrated financial acumen in similarly-sized companies.

“Overall, the partner at the executive search firm did an outstanding job. He kept us in the communications loop the entire time, made good progress and provided a strong list of final candidates.”

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