Accelerating Growth in the Tech Sector: Crafting Product Vision Roadmap

PE Firms
Value Creation

Service Area: Growth & Go-To-Market (GTM)

Client Type: Middle-Market Private Equity Firm

Service Provider Type: Product Roadmap Consultant

Industry: Professional Services: Technology: Software

The Need
Charting the Course for Future Growth

A middle-market private equity firm engaged BluWave to assist one of their portfolio companies, a managed IT service provider specializing in financial services and life sciences sectors. The company sought a consulting partner to craft a robust three-year product vision roadmap. This roadmap would serve as a strategic guide, outlining the offerings, sales, delivery and performance measurement aspects of the company’s future direction.

The Challenge
Identifying Expansion Opportunities in a Niche Market

The managed IT service provider needed a comprehensive roadmap to inform its business strategy over the next three years. This required a deep understanding of the target customer profiles, their purchase journey and emerging market trends. BluWave’s challenge was to collaborate with a consulting partner that possessed a strong background in IT managed services, particularly in the financial services and life sciences sectors, which are heavily regulated.

How BluWave Helped
Experienced, Niche-Specific Resource

BluWave immediately reached out to the consulting firms it already knew that had a proven track record in developing product roadmaps for IT managed service providers. The selected consulting partner brought hands-on experience and a deep understanding of IT MSP products to the table.

The consulting partner’s team undertook a meticulous customer and market assessment, conducting interviews with existing and potential customers to understand their needs and preferences. Simultaneously, they performed a comprehensive competitive analysis to identify opportunities for expanding the company’s offerings.

The Result
Clear Path to Growth

Thanks to the consulting firm with which BluWave the company, the managed IT service provider successfully crafted a the-year product vision roadmap. It incorporated customer and market insights, defining the target customer profiles and outlining the path to delivering unmatched value.

The company’s leadership gained clarity on their future direction, aligning product offerings, sales, delivery and performance measurement. Armed with a well-structured roadmap, the managed IT service provider is better positioned to navigate the complexities of the financial services and life sciences sectors.

The collaborative effort between BluWave and the consulting partner culminated in a strategic plan tailored to the company’s unique position in the tech sector. As they continue to serve their niche markets, the managed IT service provider can confidently implement their growth strategy, expand their offerings, and unlock new opportunities for success.


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