Industry-Specific Growth Experts for PE Firm’s Portcos

PE Firms
Value Creation

Service Area: Growth & GTM

Client Type: Lower-Middle Market Private Equity Firm

Service Provider Type: Growth Strategy Consultants

Industry: Various

The Need
Structured Planning for Unleashing Potential

A forward-thinking lower-middle-market private equity firm aimed to empower its newly acquired portfolio companies through a comprehensive onboarding and strategic planning process. The objective was to shape a clear five-year plan encompassing customer segmentation, core value proposition development, investment allocation, sales and marketing strategies and an integrated budget.

The firm sought experienced consultants, ideally partners or associate partners, to lead the analysis, guide strategic planning sessions and establish a cohesive plan with actionable steps, ownership, deadlines and budget distribution.

The Challenge
Aligning Visions and Establishing Accountability

The private equity firm faced the challenge of harmonizing diverse visions and strategies across their portcos. The businesses possessed strong product insights but required support in fostering an accountable team culture. Additionally, the PE firm sought a leader who could implement an OKR framework to enhance alignment and execution across the organization.

How BluWave Helped
Industry-Specific Strategic Implementation

BluWave connected the firm with industry-specific consultants for its portcos. They quickly absorbed diligence materials and external market data, creating a comprehensive approach to guide the five-year planning process.

Starting with a 100-day plan scope, the firm developed of a three- to five-year strategic plan. This included defining core value propositions, strategic initiatives and aligning them with budget considerations and executive scorecards.

They also designed and implemented an OKR program for each organization. This framework facilitated alignment, empowering the CEOs to elevate operational efficiency and accountability.

The Result
Operational Efficiency Across Portcos

The portfolio companies established clear trajectories for growth. The result was a meticulously crafted five-year plan encompassing strategic initiatives, actionable steps and budget allocation, all aligned with the private equity firm’s overarching objectives.


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