HR Carveout Assistance for Lower-Middle Market PE Firm

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Service Area: HR Carveout

Client Type: Lower-Middle Market PE Firm

Service Provider Type: Specialized HR Firm

Industry: Financial Consulting

The Need
HR Specialist for TSA

A lower-middle market PE firm required an HR consultant experienced in HR carveouts to support their project. The client needed assistance in negotiating a Transition Services Agreement (TSA) within a three-week timeframe and guidance in managing the interim transitions of insurance, benefits, and payroll.

The Challenge
Complicated Carveout Transition

The client was undergoing an HR carveout involving a tech/SaaS business with upwards of eight figures in ARR. The carveout involved merging two businesses previously combined by another PE firm, with the client acquiring one segment. The client sought an HR consultant to provide expertise in negotiating the TSA and managing the interim transitions.

How BluWave Helped
HR Consultant Connection

BluWave promptly presented the client with several options of specialized HR firms experienced in carveouts. The client engaged a consultant with deep knowledge in their niche. The service provider worked closely with the client to negotiate a robust TSA and provided guidance on managing the interim transitions of insurance, benefits and payroll.

The Result
Seamless Transition

With the HR consultant’s help, the PE firm successfully navigated the HR carveout process. The service provider’s expertise and proactive approach facilitated a seamless transition of insurance, benefits and payroll, while the negotiated TSA provided a solid foundation for post-close operations.

“She was very flexible with the mandate given the carveout nature of the opportunity, and she stepped up to do more when asked. The service provider is very responsive – she always makes time to discuss the company and provide updates.”

-PE Firm Vice President


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