Stopgap Interim CFO Needed for Automotive Operations

Service Area: Human Capital – Interim Leadership

Client Type: Upper-Middle Market PE Firm

Service Provider Type: Interim CFO

Industry: Automotive

The Need
Stopgap Interim CFO Focused on Operations

An upper-middle market firm urgently required a proficient interim CFO for one of its portfolio companies in the automotive sector. The PE firm realized that the existing CFO wasn’t the right fit, and they needed to make a change fast. The company, with hundreds of millions in annual revenue, needed a leader with strong turnaround and restructuring experience, particularly with a focus on cash flow and working capital optimization.

The Challenge
Complex Manufacturing Environment

The challenge was to find an interim CFO who could handle a complex operational landscape, including 10 manufacturing sites and two distribution centers. The role demanded not only financial acumen but also an ability to quickly adapt to a dynamic manufacturing environment, with a focus on turning around the business and integrating acquisitions.

How BluWave Helped
Identifying Ideal Interim CFO

BluWave efficiently identified and engaged candidates who were experienced in handling large, multi-site manufacturing operations and had a proven track record in financial turnarounds. The focus was on professionals who could commit to being on-site full-time, with the agility to address immediate financial challenges and the strategic foresight to integrate acquisitions seamlessly.

The Result
Strategic Leadership Ushering in Financial Revitalization

The placement of the interim CFO marked a significant turning point for the automotive manufacturer. With expertise in operational control, cost accounting and cash flow management, the temporary finance leader implemented effective strategies to tighten cash flow, meet reporting requirements and guide the company through a crucial transition period. This strategic leadership played a pivotal role in driving the company toward financial stability and operational efficiency.


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