Interim CFO To Customize BI&A for Commercial Roofing Company

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Value Creation

Service Area: Interim Executives

Client Type: Lower-Middle Market PE Firm

Service Provider Type: Interim CFO

Industry: Construction & Engineering

The Need
Strengthening Financial Visibility

A lower-middle market PE firm needed an interim CFO at its portco to bolster the new commercial roofing platform’s financial visibility. The platform required a robust KPI dashboard and business intelligence tools to integrate seamlessly with its IT systems, facilitating efficient financial tracking and CRM integration. They previously consulted with a specialist in custom report-building, but sought a more comprehensive and holistic solution provider to meet their evolving needs.

The Challenge
Tailored Solutions for a Decentralized Structure

The portfolio company faced the challenge of creating tailored business intelligence tools and KPI dashboards for the commercial roofing platform. The platform operated with a decentralized structure, with branch managers responsible for their individual branches. To strengthen financial visibility at the home-office level, the solution needed to encompass a broad range of requirements and provide insights that catered to the platform’s unique industry dynamics.

How BluWave Helped
Connecting the Right Candidate for Custom Solutions

BluWave connected the lower-middle market PE firm with skilled interim candidates experienced in building custom reports and developing sophisticated business intelligence tools. The firm selected the best match for their portco, enabling them to design tailored solutions for their commercial roofing platform. BluWave facilitated seamless communication between the firm and the executive, ensuring all specifications were met with precision.

The Result
Empowering Growth with Comprehensive Business Intelligence

Under the interim executive’s leadership, the commercial roofing platform successfully built out KPI dashboards and business intelligence tools that seamlessly integrated with their IT systems. The comprehensive solutions provided unparalleled financial visibility, empowering the platform to make informed decisions and optimize their sales and marketing machine.

Furthermore, the interim CFO’s thoughtful approach and commitment to understanding the platform’s unique needs paved the way for efficient acquisitions, with future plans of expanding the platform’s portfolio within the roofing industry.

The interim executive you selected was great to work with.

-PE Firm Associate


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