Temporary Finance Leader for a Creative Digital Agency

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Service Area: Interim Executives

Client Type: Lower-Middle Market PE Firm

Service Provider Type: Interim CFO

Industry: Generalist

The Need
Financial Leader in a Creative Environment

A lower-middle market PE firm sought a transformative interim CFO who could not only handle financial intricacies but also bring operational excellence to a digital agency. More specifically, they needed a leader who could navigate the complexities of financial leadership, revenue forecasting and project management within a creative environment.

The Challenge
Balancing Innovation and Financial Strategy

The challenge lay in hiring an interim CFO who could bridge the gap between financial expertise and operational intricacies within a cutting-edge agency. This role demanded a fine balance between revenue forecasting accuracy, project management efficiency and team collaboration, while maintaining an innovative environment.

How BluWave Helped
An Interim CFO who Checked All the Boxes

BluWave’s strategic approach resulted in the identification of a versatile interim CFO, armed with the following capabilities:

Holistic Leadership: The interim CFO demonstrated not only financial acumen but also COO-like capabilities. This unique blend enabled effective communication with both the executive team and the board.

Operational Expertise: Beyond traditional financial responsibilities, the interim CFO brought strong operational abilities. This included holding leadership accountable for numbers, driving results and orchestrating seamless project management.

Digital Agency Insight: With a background in the digital realm, the interim CFO was well-versed in the agency’s project and retainer models. This understanding facilitated accurate revenue forecasting and guided the team to informed decisions.

The Result
Overwhelmingly Successful Turnaround

The interim CFO had a lasting impact in multiple areas:

Streamlined Forecasting: The digital agency gained a tangible advantage in revenue forecasting accuracy, thanks to the temporary executive’s ability to create practical and actionable financial projections.

Effective Project Management: The interim CFO’s project management skills enabled the agency to convert forecasts into actionable project plans, fostering efficient execution and driving results.

Cohesive Team Collaboration: The interim CFO’s COO-like qualities played a pivotal role in maintaining a collaborative and motivated creative team, all while ensuring financial goals were met.

The financial situation was worse then advertised by the portco. This is not a growth situation – it is a turnaround and stabilization. The interim you gave us is a pure 10. He is exactly who we needed to fix this mess.

-Principal at PE Firm


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