Interim CFO with Expertise in Commodities, Hedging for Manufacturing PortCo

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Industry: Manufacturing

Service Area: Human Capital – Interim Leadership

Client Type: Portfolio Company – Food Ingredients Facility

Service Provider Type: Interim CFO

The Need
Expertise in Financial Management and Hedging

The CFO was leaving a B2B food ingredients portfolio company. The business, with significant operations in commodities and hedging, needed an interim CFO who could navigate the complexities of their financial landscape. This included managing large-scale hedging operations, understanding the impact of hedging on P&L and ensuring covenant calculations were accurate.

The Challenge
Hands-On CFO with Industry Expertise

The company’s operations were intricate, with 85 percent of their capacity for 2023 already booked and hedged. This created a significant exposure on their books, making expertise in commodities and hedging non-negotiable. Additionally, the ideal candidate would be someone who had experience in a private equity environment, understood liquidity and 13-week cash flow, and was more finance-oriented than purely accounting-focused.

How BluWave Helped
Short List of Industry Finance Experts

BluWave leveraged its extensive network to identify a short list of interim CFOs who not only had the required expertise in commodities and hedging but also had a track record in PE environments. The portco and its PE firm selected a candidate with more than three decades of experience, including roles in financial leadership and a deep understanding of the agri-commodity space. Their hands-on approach and willingness to be on-site, even if it meant frequent travel, made them an ideal fit.

The Result
Recipe for Sweet Success

With the interim CFO on board, the company maintained seamless financial operations, ensuring that their hedging strategies were effectively managed and that their financial reporting remained accurate. The temporary executive’s expertise allowed the CEO to focus on other critical aspects of the business, confident that their financial operations were in capable hands.


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