Optimizing IT Infrastructure for a Scientific Product Manufacturer

Service Area: Human Capital – Interim Leadership

Client Type: Portfolio Company – Scientific Product Manufacturer and Distributor

Service Provider Type: Interim CIO

Industry: Professional Services

The Need
Modern IT Infrastructure and Expertise

A portfolio company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of scientific products, such as syringes and petri dishes, was grappling with outdated on-premises systems spread across multiple locations. They sought to migrate their systems to the cloud, streamline operations and enhance security, especially after experiencing ransomware attacks. Their current IT lead was the head of marketing, indicating a significant gap in dedicated IT expertise.

The Challenge
Hire True IT Lead for Complicated Operations

The company’s operations were intricate, with custom-built software, multiple systems communicating across different locations and a reliance on Sage ERP for CRM and accounting. They needed an experienced CIO who could understand their unique challenges, coordinate with various experts and lead multiple IT projects. The goal was not just to update their systems but to ensure they were secure, efficient and future-proof.

How BluWave Helped
Introducing an Expert Executive

BluWave leveraged its invite-only network to identify an interim CIO with a deep understanding of business systems, security, backup, disaster recovery and networking. This CIO was not only technically proficient but also had the leadership skills to quarterback various IT projects, ensuring that the company’s IT overhaul was comprehensive and aligned with their business goals.

The Result
Modern, Secure, Efficient Infrastructure

With the guidance of the interim CIO, the company migrated their on-premises systems to the cloud, ensuring that their data was backed up on reliable cloud service providers like AWS. Their operations across multiple locations became more streamlined, with efficient file sharing and communication systems. The company also fortified its security measures, reducing the risk of cyber threats. The temporary expertise ensured that the company’s custom-built software and Sage ERP system were optimized for their unique needs.


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