Hair Products Manufacturer Needs IT Transformation

Service Area: Technology

Client Type: Hair Products Manufacturer

Service Provider Type: SAP Solutions Organization

Industry: Consumer Products

The Need
Streamlining Complex IT, EDI Integrations

A leading hair products manufacturer sought to modernize its IT infrastructure and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities to enhance operational efficiency and maintain its competitive edge. With a proprietary platform struggling to integrate seamlessly with modern systems like SPS Commerce and NetSuite, the company needed expert guidance to navigate its technology strategy and implementation.

The Challenge
Overcoming Legacy Systems, Enhancing Integration

The company faced several challenges, including outdated legacy systems, inefficient EDI processes impacting cash collections and invoicing and a lack of internal expertise in managing rapid development cycles. Additionally, the integration between their legacy platform Salesforce, and NetSuite was fraught with difficulties, hindering operational efficiency and scalability.

How BluWave Helped
Identifying Ideal IT Strategy Partner

BluWave leveraged its extensive network to identify an IT strategy consulting firm specializing in SAP solutions for manufacturers. This firm possessed the necessary experience in financial services, lending and fast-growing fintech concepts, making them an ideal partner to support the hair products manufacturer’s IT leadership and platform modernization needs.

The Result
Strategic Roadmap for IT Excellence

Through the partnership facilitated by BluWave, the hair products manufacturer received a comprehensive assessment of its current IT landscape, including competitive analysis and capability gaps. The consulting firm developed a strategic roadmap for platform modernization, focusing on scalable solutions and enhanced EDI integration. This roadmap laid the foundation for the company to become a more attractive acquisition target by improving its technological infrastructure and operational efficiencies.


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