Modernizing Financial Services Software Platform for Strategic Growth

Service Area: Technology

Client Type: Financial Services Software Platform

Service Provider Type: IT Strategy Consultants

Industry: Technology – Software

The Need
Platform Modernization for Scalability, Acquisition Appeal

A financial services software platform, specializing in a range of lending services, faced the challenge of modernizing its proprietary platform. Originally developed pre-2010, the platform required a comprehensive overhaul to enhance scalability, integrate modern software solutions and ultimately increase the company’s attractiveness as an acquisition target.

The Challenge
Overcoming Legacy System Limitations

The platform, built on a combination of legacy technologies including a LAMP stack and Microsoft Access, struggled with integration issues, particularly with Salesforce CRM. The company sought to not only update its technological infrastructure but also to institutionalize its tech leadership, having previously relied on a mix of outsourced and in-house resources without a dedicated technology strategy leader.

How BluWave Helped
Connecting with Expert IT Strategy Consultants

BluWave leveraged its extensive network within the technology and financial services sectors to identify IT strategy consultants with specific expertise in financial services and platform modernization. These consultants were tasked with developing a comprehensive roadmap for updating the platform, focusing on scalability, integration with modern software solutions and aligning the technology stack with current best practices.

The Result
Strategic Roadmap for Future Growth

Through the strategic connections facilitated by BluWave, the financial services software platform selected industry-specific consultants who provided a clear, actionable plan for modernizing the platform. This plan included recommendations for software architecture, integration strategies and a phased approach to implementation that would allow the company to maintain its operational capabilities while transitioning to more modern, scalable solutions.


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