Operations Integration: Industrial Park Carveout

PE Firms
Value Creation

Service Area: Merger Planning & Integration

Client Type: Small Market Private Equity Firm

Service Provider Type: Carveout Consultant Experts

Industry: Industrial Services

The Need
Standing Up Operations

When confronted with a corporate carve-out investment opportunity under LOI, a small-market private equity firm sought BluWave’s assistance in orchestrating a seamless transition for a new entity. This carve-out, centered around an industrial park in the south-central U.S., required focused expertise in accounting, finance and HR functional areas.

The Challenge
Complex Carve-Out Dynamics

The complexity of the carve-out scenario was heightened by the diverse array of services provided by the new entity, which included utilities like steam, rail, nitrogen and compressed air to multiple tenants, primarily large chemical manufacturers. The intricate billing structures, coupled with the transition from the parent company’s systems, created a challenging operational environment that needed efficient streamlining.

How BluWave Helped
Facilitating Operational Transition

BluWave connected the private equity firm with a merger planning and integration service provider specializing in complex carve-outs. This expert team was well-versed in the unique operational demands of the petrochemical industry, with experience in downstream, refining and industrial manufacturing.

The Result
Smooth Operational Setup

Through strategic planning and tailored solutions, the service provider orchestrated a seamless transition for the carve-out entity. A team of skilled professionals were deployed to ensure the setup of accounting, finance and HR functions. This temporary team’s task was to not only establish operational stability but also ensure a smooth handover to a future controller or CFO, enabling sustained operational excellence.

The new entity emerged from the carve-out process with an efficiently functioning operational backbone, poised to continue its growth trajectory in the industrial park landscape.


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