Strengthening HR for Building, Construction Companies

PE Firms
Human Capital
Value Creation

Service Area: Outsourced HR / PEO

Client Type: Private Equity Firm

Service Provider Type: HR Generalist

Industry: Manufacturing – Building and Construction

The Need
Interim HR Expertise for Transformation

Amid the need for strategic HR management, a building- and construction-focused PE firm sought a seasoned HR generalist to steer vital initiatives and oversee a distributed workforce for multiple portfolio companies. With the departure of the HR leader, the company required immediate support to uphold employee relations and operational excellence.

The Challenge
Managing Change and Distributed Workforce

The building and construction firm, encompassing 13 locations, encountered the challenge of nurturing a large and diverse workforce spanning multiple states. As they worked to strengthen HR functions and initiate key projects, the absence of a dedicated HR leader prompted the need for a temporary HR generalist capable of driving transformation in this dynamic environment.

How BluWave Helped
Expert HR Generalist Partner for Transformation

BluWave connected the PE firm with a skilled HR generalist who demonstrated a deep understanding of HR dynamics, change management and distributed workforce models. This accomplished professional not only managed key HR projects but also played a crucial role in employee relations, ensuring seamless communication and support during the transitional phase.

The Result
Strategic Initiatives and Enhanced Employee Relations

Through this partnership, the manufacturing firm achieved strategic milestones in HR management. The HR generalist’s expertise guided projects such as benefits enrollment, handbook rollout and employee onboarding. Furthermore, the focus on employee relations led to enhanced communication channels, fostering a positive and engaging workplace environment.


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