Recruiting an Operations Associate for a Manufacturing Company

PE-Backed Companies
Value Creation

Service Area: Non-Executive Recruiting

Client Type: Portfolio Company

Service Provider Type: Specialized Recruiter

Industry: Manufacturing

The Need
Securing a Valuable Operations Associate

As a manufacturing portfolio company under the guidance of a lower-middle market PE fund, there was a pressing need to onboard a dedicated associate for their operations team. This role required an individual who possessed a unique blend of manufacturing FP&A experience, management consulting insight and the drive to enact substantial positive changes.

The Challenge
Overcoming Recruitment Roadblocks

The manufacturing portfolio company partnered with a specialized staffing/recruiting firm from BluWave’s invite-only network. This firm had a deep industry understanding and an impressive network of former management consultants – individuals well-suited for this particular role.

How BluWave Helped
Strategic Alliance

By leveraging BluWave’s network, the specialized staffing/recruiting firm collaborated closely with the manufacturing portfolio company. Together, they aimed to identify the ideal associate candidate, one possessing the necessary manufacturing FP&A background, relevant consulting experience and a strong commitment to driving transformative changes within portfolio companies.

The Result
Ideal Associate Hired

Thanks to the effective partnership facilitated by BluWave, the manufacturing portfolio company successfully identified and brought on board an associate who met their unique requirements. With a comprehensive skillset and a shared vision for operational excellence, this associate contributed significantly to the ongoing success of the company’s operations team.

The leader was high-energy. They were focused on finding the right candidate, and they did.

-VP of Operations at PE Firm


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